Vol 6, No 3 (2009)

Winter 2009

Table of Contents


SA cardiovascular laboratories mining diverse, yet relevant research topics PDF
A Woodiwiss, G Norton 138-141


Relationships between plasma amino acid concentrations and blood pressure in South Africans of African descent Abstract PDF
C Naidoo, AD Cromarty, T Snyman, K Sliwa, E Libhaber, MR Essop, GP Candy 142-147
The relationship between the nitric oxide synthase gene and the risk of hypertension defi ned according to ambulatory blood pressures Abstract PDF
G Candy, D Badenhorst, E Libhaber, P Sareli, GR Norton, R Brooksbank, AJ Woodiwiss 148-153
Impact of dietary-induced obesity on adrenergic-induced cardiomyocyte damage in rats Abstract PDF
L Vengethasamy, OHI Majane, EF du Toit, GR Norton, AJ Woodiwiss 154-160
Frequencies of the T-455C and C-482T apoCIII gene polymorphisms in different South African population groups and their relationship to fasting serum triglyceride levels Abstract PDF
NH Naran, FJ Raal, NJ Crowther 162-167
TNFα-induced cardioprotection is independent of the activation of the prosurvival kinase Erk Abstract PDF
S Somers, A Engerer, S Lecour 168-172
Cardiac endothelium: More than just a barrier Abstract PDF
H Strijdom, A Lochner 174-185

Image in Cardiology

3D image of Inoue balloon inflation during mitral valvuloplasty PDF
AF Doubell, J Swanevelder, H Weich, P Herbst 188-189

ECG Quiz

ECG Quiz no. 16 PDF
A Okreglicki 186-187
Answer to ECG Quiz no. 16 PDF
A Okreglicki 190-191

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